Friday, June 19, 2009

Dream House

Last December, my friend Wheng and her family visited me in our newly constructed house. She admired me and my husband for being able to produce a simple house we can call our own. She attempted to avail of housing loan in financing companies everytime she finds lot property for sale which she thinks affordable. However, financing firms will not grant or approve the amount she needed and worst, an equity is still required. A few weeks back, she emailed me to inform me she gave up the idea of continuing her goal of having her own house, she said it is impossible at this time to push through with her plan. I feel her frustrations, I kept on encouraging her and referred her to my colleague Pao who happens to be a real estate broker. I also advised her to seek the help of Real Property Management.


Imelda said...

in time she will get it. everything has a reason. . . hapi friday sis.

prily said...

Hi there,long time,no hear.hehehe.but here i am visiting your blog.take care,blogging pal!