Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Five Towns Homes

My friend Pao started her sideline as real estate broker last year and I am amazed at the amount of commissions she earned and continue to earn. She would excitedly tell me about her clients and successful deals. Through real estate business, she was able to save up for the equity of the unit she bought in the newest subdivision in town. I envy her work and earnings as real estate broker but I am not planning to venture on the same business at this time. I am happy with paid blogging and my regular office work. My good friend Pao encouraged me to make referrals and after every successful referral, she’ll give me a reasonable commission, sounds great to me.

I voluntarily accompany her in some of her trippings. This is where she brings her clients in the subdivisions she thinks would pass the criteria of her client and show model houses within that specific subdivision.

Pao is now in the process of creating her own website to where some of her busy clients can check houses, lots, condominiums or townhouses available for sale or for rent similar to Five Towns Homes for Sale website. This will be convenient for real estate broker and prospective client at the same time.

With Five Towns Homes, you can be assured you are dealing with trusted real estate agents. They have connections to help both buyer and seller in entire transaction and make it a point it is a successful deal.

sample of Five Town Homes house for sale

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Imelda said...

yes real estate is such a big time earning. i am not into, i dont have the "nerves" for it.