Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beware of Sex Offenders

Todays technology such as computer & internet is such a huge help to everyone. It makes life easy. However, no one & nothing is perfect. Recently, the Hayden Sex Video scandal is all over the internet and it has put local actress Katrina Halili and other girls in the limelight in a shameful and negative way. Now the issue is in the court and it still uncertain if justice will be achieved on the part of Katrina Halili if it was said there has been no law or bills submitted in the congress with regard to this issue.

Even in chats and blogs, there are insane people who will leave you with sex offending messages meant to destruct or annoy you. Fortunately, sex offender report website was created and available to protect anyone and everyone especially our kids. It aims to keep us safe from sex offenders who might be living next to our door.

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