Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Arts Sake

My kids are aware that I hate to draw, can't even draw an apple image, worst, even I can't appreciate my own drawing which is why when I need to help my daughter with her assignment and it requires me to draw, oh boy, it feels like forever to finish the assignment. No wonder why Acey is not fond of drawings too. My eldest CJ, can not draw what is being ask in his assigment like " a kid keeping the room clean" or "a kid praying before bedtime'" but he is good at drawing anime and superheroes, maybe because it is something he enjoys watching.

I can dance, I can act but I must admit I do not have talent in fine arts although I can appreciate paintings or drawings in canvass or any framed artwork like the Victoria Montesinos. I also look forward of having the opportunity to attend art gallery exhibits. I love to see flowers framed art work hanged in our living room while I prefer wall decals in our bedrooms. When we were still living in an apartment, I bought a few frames and my helper then observed and asked me why all the drawings in the frame I bought are all flowers and I actually do not know the answer. So now that I have my own house and when I have the budget to have it painted, I will buy frames that will complement the color of the paint and it doesn't have to be flower drawings this time.


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