Monday, June 8, 2009

Drive Safely

Famous actor and endorser Richard Gutierrez had an accident last May 22 where he and another companion had minor injuries while his long time personal assistant named Nomar died on the spot. It was said that Richard was driving his 7 million sports car when the accident happened. One reason that caused the accident was because the matinee idol was unfamiliar with the place and maybe he was tired from the taping.

It was a traumatic experience for Richard but life must go on. I believed he started accomplishing his usual showbiz commitments and coping well after the accident with the support of his family and friends.

Car enthusiasts should learn from this accident. Always drive safely especially if you are with your loved ones. More importantly, make sure to check the car like the steering rack , it should be in the best condition especially when engaging in long drive.

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nelson said...

oh yeah, i heard about the accident news. sometimes driving safely is not enough coz the other drivers are so careless about their driving, as if they own the roads. We really need to at least pray before we start the engine :)