Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Hanging Cabinets I like

I was browsing Friendster few days back and I got to see the photos of the different parts of the house of my friend residing in Abra province. The only finishing touch lacking is the painting, the same thing in my own house. I fell in love with the hanging cabinets installed in her kitchen. I ask my friend where she got those cabinets and she told me she bought them in home builder store in their province and she assured me there are exactly the same hanging cabinets available in our place too because she make time to canvass for materials & furnitures everytime she's here in Pampanga.

I always surf the net to look for the design I like for my hanging cabinets in my kitchen and I stumpled upon Orlando Cabinets. They have wide array of designs to choose from. I want mine to be made of wood and if time would come I can afford to buy such, I know what to look for and if in case I would hire somebody to create one for me, I won't have a hard time describing it, in fact I have saved in my computer the picture of the hanging cabinet I really like for my kitchen. I already told my hubby about it and he agreed it will make my kitchen look beautiful.

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