Saturday, June 6, 2009

First ever Cebu visit

I will be going to Cebu with my fellow QA Analyst Pao on Wedenesday next week. Yes, you read it right, this is going to be my first time in the Queen City of the South and believe it or not, this is the farthest place I've ever been to within the Philippines. It's going to be purely business trip but of course Pao and I will find time to visit the ever famous Magellan's cross and the Sto. Nino Church and we will be able to plan ahead after we receive the final itinerary on Monday. Originally, this should have happened last month and I agreed to go while kids are on vacation even if it means I will have no companion but due to delays on the final budget, it was moved this month and fortunately Pao will be joining me.

Our manager made sure that part of the service in the hotel we will be billeted is the transfer service. She took into consideration this is our first trip to Cebu and for all of us to have peace of mind, we requested the hotel driver to pick and drop us in the Cebu airport and if that is not possible, we will avail of car rentals just like the cheap car hire for faro airport in UK. But we are more than willing to take a cab going to and from the hotel and our Cebu office to make it more thrilling and be familiarized with the place.

Tomorrow is my day off and I'll make sure that my kids are ready for their back to school drama at the same time, I'll start packing to make sure everything I need is in my luggage.

Happy weekend everyone!

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