Friday, June 26, 2009

Boise Painting

I’ve been blogging about my goal to have my house painted after rainy season or before the year ends. I’ve also been visiting websites about home & style & reading home magazines to get an idea of what paint color I want for every area of the house. I noticed what’s in nowadays are pastel colors paint. I prefer our master bedroom to be dominantly beige in color with a little touch of brown color in it to achieve a zen & neat look. I’m still confused what color I like in my kids’ room and the living room as well. In fact, I have cut outs of areas of the house with paints that I want to copy.

I’ll ask my brother to help me find a skilled painter to do the house painting. Of course, I do not want my money to be wasted, my husband’s approval and satisfaction is one of my considerations too. Neighbors & acquaintances volunteered to do the job but I won’t take the risk. I want an experienced & knowledgeable painter. If budget permits, Boise Painting will be a great idea to ensure success of the house paint job and full satisfaction on my part.

I can not wait to accomplish this goal and I can not wait to see a dramatic transformation of my house.

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