Monday, June 29, 2009

Friday Sickness

The moment my eldest CJ set foot at our house gate last Friday when he got home from school, he told me “Mama, I’m not feeling well”. I noticed his husky voice in the morning of that same day while preparing for school and I knew it will lead to colds & fever. I helped him change his clothes and I ask him to rest while I prepare his dinner. After eating, he took the needed medicines, Dimetapp and Dolan for his colds and fever respectively. I gave him a relaxing massage using lavender oil I bought in Robinson supermarket months ago. Funny thing is, my kids would sometimes pretend to be not feeling well just so they can avail of my relaxing massage service…hehehe. They love the soothing feeling after a massage from me.

With the AH1N1 pandemic, I get paranoid whenever my kids get sick even with the slightest fever although I knew that it was because of the rains that happened in the past days. I brought CJ to his pedia the next day and he prescribed ventolin expectorant in addition to the medicines he is already taking because CJ started to have dry cough and also to help avoid bronchitis from developing.

Today is Monday and I didn’t allow CJ attend school. He needed more rest probably until tomorrow.


nelson said...

get well, CJ!

inigo said...

i pray for kuya CJ's quick recovery...